ClacialPower GP-AX950AA 950w psu
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Monday, 08 March 2010 18:55
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ClacialPower GP-AX950AA 950w psu
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We will have a look at GlacialPower GP-AX950AA, the new high end power supply from GlacialPower that can deliver up to 950 watts of power and is also 80 plus Silver certified.Such high wattage power supplies are mainly bought by computer enthusiasts and not from an average user. This is why they have to be reliable and have high quality.





GlacialPower GP-AX950AA power supply has some nice features like a 14cm fan, modular cables, and nice finishing. It also has all the latest safety features.







Let's have a look at the features and specifications!



All data is taken from GlacialPower website:

Compatible ATX12V Version 2.2
Designed with active PFC function
Full output power from 0°C to 50°C
Full protection features of SCP, OVP, OCP, OPP
Power efficiency meets Energy Star 80 plus Silver level
Internal 14cm Fan
100% full load burn-in test and RoHS compliance
Manufactured with the high reliability and in strict accordance
  with processes


Ouput Loading
DC Output +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5Vsb
Nominal Output Voltage (V) 5 3.3 12 -12 5
Min. Current (A) 0.0 0.0 0.5 0.0 0.0
Max. Current (A) 25.0 25.0 76.0 0.5 3.0
Peak Current (A) -- -- -- -- 3.5


Let's see the packaging!


The packaging is nice and colorful. We can see some features at the front and also the 80-Plus Silver certification.


At the side we can see the available connectors and the features.


At the other side we can see the features and also the plug type.


At the back there are features, a fan speed curve and all the safety approvals.


When we open the package we can notice the psu that is very well protected and a bag with the cables.


The bag that has the modular cables inside is nice and very useful to store the remaining cables that will not be used.


The psu is modular,here we can have a look at the cables included, they are all sleeved.

Now let's have a closer look at ClacialPower GP-AX950AA 950w psu! 

The ClacialPower GP-AX950AA seems very nice, it has a beautiful black matt finish.We can also see the 14cm fan.


We can notice the fan protector and the 14cm fan.


From the front we can notice the hot air exhaust and the power switch.


From the side there is a sticker with the specifications.


At the other side there are some small vents(I will explain later why these are important)


At the front we can see the modular cable connectors.


Let's have a look at the inside!

ClacialPower GP-AX950AA seems quite tidy from the inside, we immediately notice the heatsinks and the heat insulation wrapped coils.Heatsinks may not be that big, but this is not a problem since modern power supplies with high efficiency produce less heat.


Transient filtering is very good, with an X-capacitor and 2 C-capacitors(from what I can see because there is not good view).It also has 2 ferrite rings and a very sufficient second stage filtering!


The fuse is in a protective material that will protect other components in case it blows.


The main capacitor is made by Nippon Chemicon, ,these are very reliable caps.Near the main capacitor we can see a small pcb, this is the active PFC circuit.


Secondary capacitors are also made by Nippon Chemicon.The only bad is that they are covered by cables and airflow to them is minimal.

This is why the small vents at the side of the psu are critical! They allow a better airflow resulting in better cooling of the secondary caps.


Here we can notice the thermal sensor that controls the 14cm fan at the heatsink.


These two pcb circuits are the DC-to-DC conversion units for the 5.5 and 3 volt lines.


Also here we can see the Active PFC circuit.


Fan is made by ONG HUA, which I have never heard before. 


Let's see how the ClacialPower GP-AX950AA  performs!

Power supply testing methodology

  • For testing power supplies I am using a homemade tester that consists of multiple power resistors and amperometers.
  • This allows me to control with pin point accuracy the exact load at each rail
  • One more reason to test psu's with this method is that high power power supplies(800+ watts) are very difficult to be tested with a normal system.With the tester I am using I can achieve loads of up to 1800 watts.
  • Readings are taken with a high sensitivity digital multimeter, and if required a voltage drop diagram is made.
  • In order for a test to be considered successful the psu has to be able to perform it for 2 hours.
  • Noise levels are recorded from 10cm away from the back of the psu(air exhaust) 

TESTING Part 1st (Real testing)

At this part the ClacialPower GP-AX950AA will be tested in real conditions, in my pc that was built for this reason.


  • CPU:Intel core i7-950 @ stock speed
  • Mobo:EVGA X58 Sli
  • VGA:Dual MSI GTX [email protected] Sli
  • Memory:Adata 6Gb kit
  • HDD: 4x Seagate 500Gb

All reading were taken with a high sensitivity digital multimeter.In order to achive max load several instances of Orthos were running,with Furmark to stress the vga cards.Below we can see the results.







The ClacialPower GP-AX950AA remained very silent at idle and the fan was completely inaudible, but at load the noise was a bit higher and fan was spinning at higher speed.This is normal because a 950w psu is producing lots of heat, but despite the high fan speed the noise was still at very low levels.What amazed me was the stability, there was a really slight voltage drop.This indicates a high quality psu.But it will tested better at the synthetic testing which is more difficult for the power supplies.


TESTING Part 2nd(Synthetic testing)

At this part my homemade psu tester is used.This allows me to know the exact load of each rail.This is very usefull because I can measure the efficiency and also see if the psu can really provide the specified wattage.

Please note that synthetic testing is much more difficult for the power supply, and this means that it has more voltage drop than with the same load at a real system. 

Here are the results:


Part 1 - 30% load

 Voltage Line
Power Load(Amps/Watts)



Part 2 - 50% load

 Voltage Line
Power Load(Amps/Watts)



Part 3 - 80% load

 Voltage Line
Power Load(Amps/Watts)



Part 4 - 100% load

 Voltage Line
Power Load(Amps/Watts)


Part 5 - Individual line loads(each line is tested alone with the maximum specified load)

 Voltage Line
Power Load(Amps/Watts)




Efficiency is calculated by measuring the consumption of the power supply for known loads.






Here exhaust air temperature was measured.  




ClacialPower GP-AX950AA was able to withstand 950w load for 5 hours, so I raised the bars and tried to find its absolute limits...For short time it also was able to hold with 1100w load, but after about 30 minutes the psu was shutting off.The max load the psu was able to withstand without failing was 1010 watts.The noise was noticeable at such high loads,but in no way annoying. We can have a look at the noise testing below.


ClacialPower GP-AX950AA Sound pressure level

Generated sound was monitored 10cm away of the exhaust of the psu at a sound insulated box in order to eliminate any external sound or echo.Readings are taken using a high sensitivity digital SPL meter.(Values under 17dBA are considered to be inaudible)













ClacialPower GP-AX950AA performed amazingly well and was able to provide up to 1010 watts, while maintaining low noise levels.

Efficiency is always over 85%, something good for the future buyers. Also one more good point is that the noise was kept low even at full load for many hours.

The price is not the best, but from what I have seen it is one of the most high quality and stable power supplies I have tested so far.




  • Really stable
  • Nice looking
  • Low noise



  • None










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