ClacialPower GP-AX950AA 950w psu - Inside the psu
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Monday, 08 March 2010 18:55
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ClacialPower GP-AX950AA seems quite tidy from the inside, we immediately notice the heatsinks and the heat insulation wrapped coils.Heatsinks may not be that big, but this is not a problem since modern power supplies with high efficiency produce less heat.


Transient filtering is very good, with an X-capacitor and 2 C-capacitors(from what I can see because there is not good view).It also has 2 ferrite rings and a very sufficient second stage filtering!


The fuse is in a protective material that will protect other components in case it blows.


The main capacitor is made by Nippon Chemicon, ,these are very reliable caps.Near the main capacitor we can see a small pcb, this is the active PFC circuit.


Secondary capacitors are also made by Nippon Chemicon.The only bad is that they are covered by cables and airflow to them is minimal.

This is why the small vents at the side of the psu are critical! They allow a better airflow resulting in better cooling of the secondary caps.


Here we can notice the thermal sensor that controls the 14cm fan at the heatsink.


These two pcb circuits are the DC-to-DC conversion units for the 5.5 and 3 volt lines.


Also here we can see the Active PFC circuit.


Fan is made by ONG HUA, which I have never heard before. 


Let's see how the ClacialPower GP-AX950AA  performs!

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